Chromium App Launcher on Linux

With Chromium 36, Google introduced its App Launcher on Linux.

It now integrates natively under Gnome Shell (and presumably others) and can be found searching for ‘Chromium App Launcher’. Someone would like to add it to Favorites for easy access.

Chromium App Launcher in Gnome Shell

I just bound a new hotkey (ALT + W) using Gnome’s native Custom Shortcuts.
There you have to execute following command and are well set:

/usr/bin/chromium --show-app-list

Chromium App Launcher

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2 Responses to Chromium App Launcher on Linux

  1. I have FlashPeak Slimjet, and Chromium, installed (on Ubuntu). It appears that Slimjet is in control of the App Launcher icon I locked to the (Ubuntu) Launcher.

    Is there a way to create an App Launcher for Chromium (without disabling or removing the App Launcher for Slimjet)?

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